McIlhenny Company offers a new and improved TABASCO® brand Industrial Ingredients website. Come explore how McIlhenny Company is bridging the gap between food science and culinary innovation to meet food processing needs and inspire the next great food concept.

The new website provides an in-depth look at the convenient formats available, as well as detailed product data, examples of test formulas, criteria for co-branding opportunities and more. From condiments, sauces and marinades to baked goods and relishes, TABASCO® brand offers a variety of convenient formats to help manufacturers capitalize on the bold flavor trend consumers crave.

TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients allow formulators to capture the authentic, unique flavor profile of TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce in liquid, intermediate moisture and dry formats to best meet any manufacturing needs. Each format consists of different particle sizes, heat levels and consistencies to work in a variety of food processing environments. If you are looking for a different flavor profile, consider one of the liquid sauces: Green Jalapeño, Chipotle, Habanero, Buffalo Style and Garlic.

Want to experiment with flavor? The new TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients website also features a variety of test formulas – from Ragin’ Cajun Cornbread Batter to Rioja Ranch Dressing – to spark innovation and creativity.

While TABASCO® does bring heat, it also enhances flavor and may reduce the amount of sodium, sweeteners and fat often used to provide flavor. Plus, TABASCO® offers substantially lower sodium than its competitors and helps processors personalize the flavor of products without adding an unhealthy amount of sodium.

“With the increasing demand for bold flavor profiles, we’re excited to offer processors a new platform to visit for ideas and inspiration in the flavor category,” says Judson McLester, executive chef and ingredient sales manager, McIlhenny Company. “The new website showcases innovation within the category and highlights our different ingredient formats as well as how we recommend utilizing them to best draw out the flavors and piquancy in whatever food or beverage is being developed.”

McIlhenny Company also offers unique co-branding opportunities to elevate brand recognition. If you’re in the food processing industry, you know that customers prefer familiar brand names and will even pay more for a product that features a brand-name ingredient. Check out the new site for details on co-branding criteria and success stories.

With a range of flavors, heats and formats, TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients can be used in a variety of applications to draw out the complexities of savory and sweet foods, bakery to beverages. Plus, co-branding products with the TABASCO® brand name means energizing them with the power of a globally recognized brand.

Discover how TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients can enhance the flavor and profitability of the next big idea. Visit

About TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients Division

As the leader of the fast-growing pepper sauce market, McIlhenny Company supplies food manufacturers with the same authentic TABASCO® brand Original Red Sauce flavor that has been enjoyed for over a century by both consumers and foodservice professionals. Now this unique flavor profile is available in a variety of convenient forms to fit most food processing environments. The ultimate goal of the TABASCO® Industrial Ingredients Division is to help food manufacturers and processors improve the flavor and profitability of their next great food idea.