FBEC Worldwide Inc., a beverage company with intellectual property formulas and marketing capability for the production and distribution of proprietary beverages including H.E.M.P.™-branded energy shots and drinks and nutraceutical supplements, announced that the company will be launching a new, hemp-based energy shot endorsed and branded by one of the cannabis industry's most recognizable names, The Wolf of Weed Street.

WolfShot holds a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients including hemp infused natural fruit extracts, probiotics, amino acids and caffeine. Typical energy drinks and caffeinated beverages can trigger spikes in blood sugar, stress levels and can even result in weight gain due to the metabolism of fat cells after consumption of traditional caffeine. This exclusive formula is protected from reverse engineering or being duplicated in any form.

The company will be giving out a limited amount of free samples of the WolfShot until the product officially launches for retail distribution in August 2015. The company will provide details on distribution and where consumers will be able to purchase the product. Consumers can inquire about a free sample on www.fbecworldwideinc.com, www.wolfofweedstreet.com, www.marijuanastocks.com, or www.wolfenergyshot.com.

"The WolfShot is based on two basic ideologies; there are specific demographics (probably living in Colorado) that could benefit, and the easy access to the hemp-based product energy shot," states Jason Spatafora, the Wolf of Weed Street.

FBEC Worldwide Inc. and The Wolf of Weed Street are pleased to have created a product that truly is the first of its kind with a proprietary blend exclusive only to FBEC Worldwide. For more information on ingredients please visit www.WolfEnergyShot.com or www.FBECworldwideinc.com.