Nearly 130 years after it first launched its high quality flours and cornmeal that are intrinsic to Southern baking, White Lily is expanding its lineup with three new culinary-inspired flour blends that connect the home baker to the farm like never before. Through a partnership with Shepherd's Grain®, a group of wheat growers in the Pacific Northwest, each bag of White Lily premium flour can be traced back to the farmers who grew the wheat.

The three new flours to be introduced nationwide this July are:

  • White Lily Wheat and Red Grape Seed Flour Blend
  • White Lily Wheat and White Grape Seed Flour Blend
  • White Lily All-Purpose Wheat Flour

Each of these new products is proudly made in the United States and are Non-GMO Project® Verified. The wheat used in these flours has also been sustainably grown by Shepherd's Grain farmers who practice no-till farming.

"We are delighted to partner with White Lily, a brand with an incredibly rich history and national reach," said Mike Moran, general manager at Shepherd's Grain. "This partnership will not only provide quality flour for home bakers across the country, but also better connect them to the growers behind these premium products, helping to bridge the disconnect between consumer and farmer."

Consumers can learn about the farmers who harvested their wheat by entering a code found on the flour package at

In the Wheat and Grape Seed Flour Blends, Shepherd's Grain wheat is blended with an optimal ratio of grape seed flour sourced from WholeVine®. This optimal ratio of wheat flour to grape seed flour creates the same bake-up functionality of traditional all-purpose wheat flour, making for a cup-for-cup replacement.

The NEW White Lily premium flour blends lend rich, full flavors to both sweet and savory baked goods. The Wheat and White Grape Seed Flour Blend is best suited for dishes and baked goods lighter in color and pairs well with flavors such as citrus, apple and pear. The Wheat and Red Grape Seed Flour Blend lends a purple hue to baked goods and is better suited for rich flavors like smoked meats, cherries, mushrooms and chocolate.