JUST™ Goods, Inc. announced the launch of JUST water -- 100% spring water in an innovative paper-based bottle as the first of what the company plans to be many products that fairly source renewable materials and are priced to be accessible to all.

As part of its inaugural rollout, JUST water will soon be available nationwide at Whole Foods Market and OTG airport locations.

"We look forward to offering consumers a different type of packaged water that feels as good as it tastes," said Grace Jeon, JUST CEO. "From our environmentally sensitive packaging to our community-centric approach to our affordable price point, our hope is to support an inclusive mission of being better for everyone."

The 100% spring water comes from the Glens Falls watershed, which is protected through a landmark ethically sourced water agreement between JUST and Glens Falls, New York. JUST will pay six times the municipal rate for the water it uses, while ensuring that total usage is less than three percent of the excess watershed.

In addition to the landmark ethically sourced water agreement, JUST water is debuting in the U.S. a unique paper-based bottle from Tetra Pak. The paper is certified according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard which guarantees both traceability and the responsible management of the forests, where new trees replace the ones that are harvested. "Our partnership with JUST has been years in the making," said Brian Kennell, President and CEO of Tetra Pak U.S. and Canada. "JUST has been extremely conscientious in their product development process and we anticipate JUST water to have strong mainstream appeal."