Domino Foods, Inc. introduced a new product to the Domino® Sugar and C&H® Sugar family of sweeteners – Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules. Honey Granules, a single crystal of pure cane sugar and honey, are free-flowing crystals that easily add a sweet honey flavor to many foods and beverages. Made without artificial colors or flavors, Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules are sold in 10-ounce flip-top canisters that allow for easily sprinkling or measuring for recipes, so consumers can add a taste of honey with less mess and at a lower cost per serving.

Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules are useful for dissolving into both hot and cold beverages, such as teas, coffees and for blended beverages, like smoothies and shakes.

They add a distinct sweet honey flavor over fruit or sprinkled as a topping, and the crystal form of the product keeps it neat and sticky-free in the cupboard.

Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules are also attractive sweeteners for the culinary fan since they can be used in a variety of recipe applications. Whether for sweet baked desserts, savory barbeque sauces, dry rubs or to create sauces and dressings, Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules offer a wide range of possible uses. Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules easily substitute for white granulated sugar in recipes and can often be substituted for honey with this conversion: 1 teaspoon honey = 1 1/2 teaspoons Domino® or C&H® Honey Granules.

"We're excited to bring consumers both Domino® and C&H® Honey Granules," says Brian O'Malley, Chief Executive Officer and President of Domino Foods, Inc. "With consumers' growing interest in new and unique ingredient products, we're confident they'll find Honey Granules makes an excellent sweetener for adding a taste of honey, but without a sticky mess," explains Mr. O'Malley.