Conroy Foods, Inc., Pittsburgh, has combined a select few of the best natural ingredients available to create Simple & Saucy™, a line of simple sandwich condiments with sophisticated flavor. Each flavor in the Simple & Saucy™ line has a distinctly artisan feel from classic flavors such as Submarine Dressing, made with 100% pure olive oil and red wine vinegar and Clover Honey Mustard to the exciting, fiery Sriracha Mustard Sauce and the delectable specialty mustards, Deli Dijon and Whole Grain.

Conroy Foods, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA has had success with the first item in the Sandwich Shakers™ line, the Garlic and Parmesan blend, so they expanded the line to include two new blends: Provencal (Rosemary, Oregano and Thyme) and Spicy Red Pepper. In addition to adding flavor to your sandwiches, Sandwich Shakers can be used as a salad dressing, rub, marinade, or in oil as a dipping spice. It can also be shaken directly onto dishes such as pizza, pasta, baked potatoes and soups.