Just as Hydrox™ cookies are set to re-launch after a seven-year absence, Donald Trump announced he will boycott Oreo®. The news of the Hydrox™ re-launch and Trump's boycott comes right as Oreo® starts to move much of their domestic production to Mexico. Upon hearing Trump's boycott speech, Ellia Kassoff, the CEO of Leaf Brands®, extended an invitation to Trump to visit the Hydrox plant outside of Los Angeles.

Hydrox™ launched in 1908 and found competition in what it determined to be a "knock-off" brand called Oreo®. The Hydrox™ re-launch kicks-off at the company’s production facility located in Vernon, CA. In his statement, Kassoff vowed to keep Hydrox production in the US. "Hydrox™ will play an important role in creating solid American jobs," declared Kassoff.

"We want consumers to know 'The original sandwich cookie' will always be made in the US and Mr. Trump's campaign focuses on growing American jobs so we decided to invite him to our plant. We are in no way picking candidates or jumping into politics but we want to showcase how a company can create a high-quality product at a good price, without moving operations out of the US," Kassoff pledged.

Last year, Leaf Brands® acquired the Hydrox™ brand and set out to rebuild it in its original formula, using real sugar and high-quality cocoa. Kassoff continued, "You will notice the 'Other Guys' use high fructose corn syrup and other low quality ingredients because they're all about increasing margins, even if that means moving to Mexico. We think it's more important to sell an American-made product that only uses the best ingredients, that's why we rolled back the formula to a recipe which doesn't include any hydrogenated oils or HFCS which were added to the cookie when Kellogg's® and Keebler® owned it. The project took a while but after a year of product development, we are extremely excited to start production."

Amazon has partnered with Leaf® Brands for the initial roll-out Hydrox™ as they know how to quickly fulfill product.

"There are many consumers waiting for the cookies as soon as they come off the line and what better company to fulfill the initial influx of orders than Amazon," Kassoff says. Many of the major national and local supermarket and chain stores have also clamored to bring Hydrox back into their stores.

"We knew this would happen and we're ready for it!" said Cody Sheean, VP of marketing and international sales for Leaf Brands. "The hardest part of bringing back such a well-known brand is managing the initial run on product and keeping up with production. We call it, 'The Twinkie Effect,' relating to the huge rush of consumers buying Twinkies after they were brought back a few years ago."