Honolulu Cookie Company announced it will debut the new Butter Macadamia Collection in conjunction with the Aloha Festivals, Hawaii's premier cultural event. The Butter Macadamia Collection will showcase a brand new flavor of white chocolate dipped macadamia as well as featuring the bird of paradise flower prints in a tin or wrap box.

The Honolulu Cookie Company timed the launch of the Butter Macadamia Collection to coincide with their sponsoring of the ever popular Aloha Festivals, voted by USA Today as one of 2015's Best Cultural Festivals. The Aloha Festivals honor and celebrate Hawaiian heritage and culture throughout the month of September with events such as the annual Floral Parade, Waikiki Ho`olaule`a and the Keiki Ho`olaule`a.

"Our company's mission is very similar to that of the Aloha Festivals and that is to spread the spirit of aloha," said Herman Tam, Vice President of Marketing for the Honolulu Cookie Company. "We realize that aloha is more than a word, we understand that it means mutual regard, warmth and affection towards others which we attempt to convey through our very unique brand of cookies."

In addition to being an official sponsor of this year's Aloha Festivals, Honolulu Cookie Company is offering customers a complimentary "Spread Aloha" postcard with any purchase. The postcard is designed to help customers send the "Spirit of Aloha" to their friends and family around the world, and will be supported by social media elements. The Spread Aloha campaign will run through the months of September and October.

A full listing of new items are:

  • Butter Macadamia Collection - bird of paradise flower tin ($5.95, 4 flavors, 4 cookies)
  • Butter Macadamia Collection - bird of paradise flower wrap box ($13.95, 4 flavors, 12 cookies)
  • Chocolate Collection - hibiscus flower prints tin ($5.95, 4 flavors, 4 cookies)
  • Fruit and Chip Collection - plumeria flower tin ($5.95, 4 flavors, 4 cookies)
  • Chocolate Collection - flower clutch ($9.95, 8 flavors, 8 cookies)