Darigold introduced a line of naturally white cheddar for consumers. To make quality white cheddar, the local farmer-owned co-op invested more than two years of recipe development and taste-testing to perfect its recipe. Made from Darigold's farm-fresh, rBST-free milk, Darigold's white cheddar is creamy with sharpness. Each batch is carefully aged and hand-selected by Darigold's cheese master, who has over 30 years of experience making cheese.

"Milk is white, so your cheese should be too," said Randy Eronimous, senior director of marketing at Darigold. "Darigold is thrilled to share our white cheddar with the public, after spending years perfecting the recipe. We test each batch to ensure the cheese has reached the right sharpness and flavor profile. Only the best-tasting batches make their way to your store shelves. From the farm all the way to your local grocer, we control every step of the process, helping to set a high standard for our cheese. Each shred, slice, wedge and block of our white cheddar lives up to the Darigold standard."

The naturally white cheddar cheese will be available in medium, sharp, and Mexican blend and offered in the following forms: loaf, sliced, shreds or a wedge (perfect for a cheese plate). The suggested retail pricing for medium 12 oz. wedges is $4.99; medium 24 oz. loaves are $7.99; and medium 8 oz. slices and shredded cheese are $3.99.