A new type of savory Pita Stick, which comes in two flavors, was introduced at Cologne’s Anuga ‘Taste The Future’ Food Fair by Nina Bakery, a producer of artisanal pita breads for the restaurant and catering industries.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the Pita Sticks are stone oven baked and frozen and come in Wheat Za’atar and whole wheat flavors. Za’atar is a traditional mix of Middle Eastern herbs including wild thyme, sumac and sea salt.

“Slow baked, our Pita Sticks offer a new and subtle taste sensation which will allow caterers to differentiate their offerings,” said Nina Bakery’s CEO, Pierre Nehmeh.

Nina Bakery’s traditional pitas are made the artisanal way from the finest, additive free, pure ingredients. Slowly baked to perfection, Nina Bakery pitas, which come in a range of sizes are airy but also sufficiently firm so they do not tear. The pitas are made with the minimum quantities of yeast and no added sugar or fat. The pitas are clean label: no preservatives and no improvers (E numbers) are used. Nina’s pitas have the taste and smell of freshly baked bread as soon as they are warmed up.