BURGER KING® restaurants introduced Buffalo Chicken Fries for a limited time at participating restaurants. Buffalo Chicken Fries are dusted in buffalo-style spices that have the familiar flavor of classic wings without leaving messy, saucy hands behind. The flavored breading combined with the fry shape of Buffalo Chicken Fries allows for better dipping and handling than conventional Buffalo wings.

“We knew there had to be a better way to Buffalo so we took the same flavors found in traditional messy wings and innovated on it the BK way to create Buffalo Chicken Fries,” said Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer for the BURGER KING® Brand in North America. “It sets your fingers free from mess while allowing for better dipping and easier handling.”

Buffalo Chicken Fries begin with boneless white meat chicken that is first coated with the traditional Buffalo flavors of peppers, vinegar and butter in a breading and are then cooked to crispy perfection.

BURGER KING® restaurants brought back Chicken Fries as a permanent menu item in March 2015 after fanatical requests. Recently introduced Fiery Chicken Fries debuted for a limited time in August 2015.

Buffalo Chicken Fries, available now for a limited time at participating restaurants while supplies last, have a recommended price of $2.89 with nine pieces per order. BK® dipping sauces available include Chicken Fries Sauce, BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo and Sweet & Sour. Chicken Fries will continue to remain a permanent menu item during and after the limited time offer ends.