The U.S. market for cannabis edibles is exploding nationwide, and alongside its joint venture partners, Green Technology Solutions, Inc. is developing a suite of new edibles products to capitalize on the rising popularity of edibles. But the company is also hard at work on innovative new packaging ideas designed to keep cannabis edibles safely away from children.

“Every year around Halloween, parents’ concerns seem to grow about the possibility of their kids getting their hands on cannabis edibles—especially candy,” said GTSO CEO Wallace W. Browne. “We are working on new, child-proof packaging for edibles that will put parents’ minds at ease.”

Key to GTSO’s packaging strategy is differentiation—helping parents and children alike easily tell the difference between food items containing THC and those without. The company is devising a new line of packaging options for canna-businesses that are both child-proof and clearly marked to prevent any confusion or accidental ingestion. “The variety of edible products popular with cannabis consumers is nearly endless,” Browne said. “The industry is demanding a very wide selection of suitable packaging options in order to safely deliver the products that clients and patients want to buy.”

As the market for cannabis continues to grow, GTSO plans to keep building new tools to help wholesalers and retailers guarantee their edible products’ potency, consistency and safety to their customers.