Multisorb Technologies introduced its complete system solution for extending the shelf life of jerky products. The Multisorb JerkyFresh system includes both oxygen absorbers to extend shelf life and dispensing equipment engineered specifically for jerky packaging lines.

"With the continued popularity of jerky products, food processors need a complete, cost-effective system to protect their jerky from spoilage and flavor loss," said Bob Sabdo - Market Leader North America Food and Beverage Packaging. "Multisorb's JerkyFresh system offers oxygen absorbers designed to provide shelf-life extension beyond other packaging methods and corresponding dispensing equipment for efficient operations."

JerkyFresh oxygen absorbing packets are designed specifically to keep jerky products with a water activity level less than 0.85 fresh longer than atmospheric, gas flushing, or vacuum packaging alone. Available in a variety of sizes, the oxygen absorbers irreversibly absorb oxygen inside sealed packaging to less than 0.01% and maintain this level, keeping the jerky fresh and extending its shelf life. JerkyFresh oxygen absorbers are manufactured in the USA using food grade materials in a CGMP compliant facility, certified to FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System, a GFSI recognized global initiative. Multisorb's dispensing equipment is also manufactured in the USA and designed to seamlessly integrate with virtually any packaging line. Systems are available for low- to high-speed applications. In-booth demonstrations of Multisorb's APA Model 1000 will provide attendees a firsthand opportunity to see how the dispensing equipment works.