Daelmans, a family owned Dutch bakery group founded in 1909, in conjunction with The Brand Passport, Inc., its NYC-based, US partner in importing, distributing and brand management services, announces its plan to introduce the Stroopwafel (STROOP-WAA-FELL) to U.S. consumers during National Snack Month. Invented in Gouda in the late 18th century, Stroopwafels (www.daelmansstroopwafels.com) have grown beyond the most popular bakery product in the Netherlands, and are now ready to satisfy America’s increasing appetite for refined, global tastes and natural ingredients from around the world – a perfect fit for National Snack Month. Soft, toasted waffles filled with caramel, cinnamon and real Bourbon vanilla, stroopwafels have earned a reputation as the perfect complement to coffee, tea and other hot beverages, owing to a particularly unique consumption ritual…stroopwafels can be warmed and softened when placed on top of a hot beverage.

This month, United began offering Daelmans Stroopwafels as complimentary morning snacks for economy-cabin customers on thousands of daily flights, including trips within North America, with the waffle pairing perfectly with hot coffee or tea. Delicious straight from the package, Daelmans stroopwafels evolve into a scrumptious, sweet and melty treat when placed atop your hot cup for about two minutes, allowing the heat to warm the biscuit, soften the caramel, and release the natural aroma of cinnamon and real Bourbon vanilla.

“The Stroopwafel has been a Dutch favorite for over a century, and we are pleased to announce this introduction with Daelmans, our partners and the global quality leader in stroopwafels,” said Tom Daly, CEO of The Brand Passport, Inc., “Daelmans’ commitment to quality, along with the distribution reach and marketing expertise offered by The Brand Passport, will go far toward achieving our objective of making ‘stroopwafel’ a household staple across North America.”