Nature's Path introduced Qi'a Superflakes™, an organic superfood and sprouted grain flake cereal. High in protein and fiber to provide all-day lasting energy, the new flakes are low in sugar, certified organic, certified gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and available in three flavors.

The introduction of Qi'a Superflakes enters the organic cereal aisle with a flake cereal that offers premium, energy-boosting superfoods like chia, coconut and sprouted grains. Certified organic cereal sales are up 4% while conventional cereal sales continue to decline. Nature's Path, family-owned for 30 years, has experienced year-over-year, double-digit growth with its extensive line of organic cereals and snacks.

"As the leader in organic cereals, we continue to introduce innovations that fuel society's desire for healthy products," said Arjan Stephens, Nature's Path Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Our new Superflakes revolutionize the category and make it easy for consumers to boost their nutrition and feel long-lasting energy from this powerful, functional, nutritious and delicious superfood cereal."

Nature's Path elevated the superseed category when it launched Qi'a, followed by Qi'a Oatmeal and Qi'a Superfood Snack Bars, which quickly became top sellers and consumer favorites. "Our line of Qi'a cereals and snacks are true superfoods that contain a blend of nutritious, organic ingredients," Stephens adds. "Many are surprised when something that tastes so delicious, is actually good for you too. It fuels your day."

Qi'a Superflakes are loaded with protein (5-6 g), fiber (6-7 g), lightly sweetened with coconut palm sugar and honey (6 g), and crafted with premium organic ingredients like Fair Trade coconut, sprouted grains and chia seeds. The addition of sprouted grains is considered to provide more accessible nutrients and vitamins.

The new flavors include:

· Honey Chia: sprouted sorghum, whole grain corn, chia seeds, and a touch of honey
· Cocoa Coconut: sprouted black bean and brown rice, coconut, and Fair Trade cocoa
· Coconut Chia: sprouted sorghum, whole grain corn, chia seeds, and coconut