Farmhouse Culture announced the appointment of John Tucker to Chief Executive Officer. A veteran of the food industry, Tucker will be based in Farmhouse Culture's new headquarters in Portland, OR where he will lead the company as it continues to help redefine America's taste for fresh and innovative probiotic-rich ferments.

"I believe probiotics are beginning to play a vital role in reshaping the American diet and leading consumers to better health and wellness by rebalancing their microbiome. I am excited to be building the Farmhouse Culture brand through thought leadership and the delivery of probiotics through superior tasting foods, snacks and beverages," says John Tucker, CEO of Farmhouse Culture. "Additionally, opening an office in one of the country's best food cities, Portland, OR, will enable us to build our incredibly talented team. Our outstanding Operations Team and manufacturing facility will remain in Watsonville, CA, alongside our talented Innovation Team which will be housed in our newly renovated innovation center/farmhouse. The two locations serve key needs and perfectly position us for great growth and constant inspiration."

Prior to joining Farmhouse Culture, Tucker was the CEO of bread baking pioneer, Dave's Killer Bread. Under his leadership, the company quickly moved to address its untapped growth potential and expanded distribution. Today, the Pacific Northwest favorite is the number one selling organic bread in the U.S. Tucker began his career in quality assurance, quickly evolving into research and development and product innovation with such notable companies as Kraft, Weight Watchers and Heinz. Tucker then moved into marketing and business development with SO Delicious Dairy Free, where he ultimately became President. His leadership was marked by successful efforts to improve the company's innovation, re-craft their marketing and build a strong leadership team -- evolving the company from soy food to a market-leading dairy-free brand.

Farmhouse Culture's probiotic-rich ferments include award-winning Smoked Jalapeno, Classic Caraway, Garlic Dill Pickle, Horseradish Leek and Spicy Wakame Ginger Kimchi, as well as their savory fermented beverage line, Gut Shot.