AFT Holdings, Inc., announced it has completed its acquisition of the Loma Linda™ and Worthington Foods shelf stable business, as it has made its final payment to purchase the 101-year-old plant based protein brand from the Kellogg Company.

Since 2014, AFT subsidiary Atlantic Natural Foods®, the leading U.S. producer of shelf stable plant based protein products, has successfully integrated and managed the Loma Linda™ and Worthington business along with Kaffree Roma, a coffee beverage alternative, and the collection of neat® gluten and soy-free nut based protein alternatives and the neat® egg line of vegan products.

AFT, a Louisiana-based investment group, saw the acquisition as an important cornerstone of its effort to position itself as a leader in the healthy living food space.

“We will continue to focus on revolutionizing healthy food alternatives by offering affordable, sustainable, creative, and exceptionally tasteful products for the North American consumer,” said AFT chairman J. Douglas Hines. “We are excited about our forthcoming product announcements in this area.”

Atlantic Natural Foods’ Loma Linda purchase completion follows its September announcement of a number of initiatives that will enhance its commitment toward its individuals and community, including an increase of all manufacturing employees, with entry level positions to $10.00/hour, a 33% increase over current minimum federal wage offered in the area. In addition to the wage increases, Atlantic Natural Foods will retain a complete benefit program, including comprehensive health insurance, paid vacation and holidays, and a 401K retirement program available for all employees.

Hines says the programs that have been created are without local, state or federal government assistance.

“Small business can and should lead this kind of socially responsible change,” Hines said. “We cannot rely on the government or selected loopholes.”