Chef Robert Irvine is helping families eat healthy while saving time and money with his new line of Signature Sidekicks side dishes, exclusively available at Walmart. Signature Sidekicks cook in less than ten minutes and can only be found in Walmart's fresh produce section. There are four varieties available for less than $7, including: Garlic Balsamic Broccoli, Sesame Ginger Stir Fry, Provençal Ratatouille and Braised Collard Greens.

"With hectic schedules, I know many families struggle to make healthy and delicious meals, especially at an affordable price," said Chef Irvine. "I created Signature Sidekicks from my own personal recipes to give families across the US the opportunity to easily prepare restaurant-quality side dishes using fresh ingredients right at home."

Each variety of Chef Irvine's Signature Sidekicks feature neatly packaged, quality ingredients that can be prepared with just three simple steps in less than 10 minutes. Helpful videos for cooking these new items at home, pairing suggestions, full ingredients and recipe ideas can be found on Chef Irvine's website.

Focusing on quality ingredients, Chef Irvine carefully crafted the Sidekicks line to easily pair with other main dishes. To ensure availability across the United States, he exclusively approached Walmart with his line due to the company's strong distribution and trusted name.