Erin Baker’s® Wholesome Baked Goods announced the launch of its Blue Bike™ Sprouted Snacks line, a nutritious on-the-go snack baked with whole food ingredients like protein-filled nuts and sprouted seeds, and seasoned with only fresh spices. Featuring sprouted pumpkin, sunflower and ancient grains such as millet, Blue Bike is available in four flavors including Peppercorn, Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate and Sriracha. The snack line is available online at, and select retailers nationwide.

“The Blue Bike brand is a tribute to my bakery’s early days,” said Erin Baker, CEO, Erin Baker’s. “Back in 1996, my healthy Original Breakfast Cookies were doing so well that I needed a commercial oven, but I was a small company and couldn’t get a loan. So, I sold my car and delivered baked goods around town on my blue Schwinn bike, because I was passionate about providing healthy options to people on the go, and would do whatever it took to keep the commitment alive. That same bike is on display in my bakery 20 years later, and served as the inspiration for our new line.”

Every ingredient in Blue Bike Sprouted Snacks is selected with purpose – and that means wholesome ingredients with no fillers, preservatives or GMOs – giving consumers more flavor, more nutrition and more goodness in every bite. To create chunky clusters, the mix of sprouted seeds and whole food ingredients are bound together, making them appropriate for on-the-go snacking. By eating sprouted seeds, consumers can enjoy a wealth of benefits:

  • Enhanced nutritional values – the sprouting process turns seeds and grains into living plants, breaking down the strong, protective outer barrier. By doing so, this process increases the amount and rate of which protein, vitamins and minerals can be absorbed into the body, transforming ingredients into nutritional powerhouses.
  • Easier digestion – the simple process of sprouting brings out many enzymes in germinated (or sprouted) seeds and grains, making them easier to digest. Enzymes are an important part of the digestive process, and help to break down food effectively and increase the absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract.
  • Boosted energy – in addition to enzymes’ work to ease digestion, they are a key component to maximizing energy return from the food eaten. High enzyme activity in food stimulates the body’s own enzymes into greater activity, giving consumers’ bodies more energy.