Nexus A/S, the independent research and innovation center whose discoveries inspire the emulsifiers and stabilizers of Palsgaard A/S, will welcome a new CEO.

Danish-based ingredients manufacturer Palsgaard A/S owes its portfolio of vegetable-based emulsifiers and stabilizers to sister company Nexus A/S, comprising a range of laboratories and functions with a common purpose: to continuously create new and innovative solutions to serve end-users worldwide – and to continuously refine existing emulsifier formulations to meet client-specific needs.

Nexus CEO Viggo Norn, a respected scientist and entrepreneurial innovator who has led the company for over 25 years, will officially be replaced by Claus Hviid Christensen at a ceremony at the company’s headquarters. Viggo was instrumental in helping Palsgaard to grow during his time, providing innovation after innovation to meet market needs.

Christensen joins Palsgaard just as the company celebrates 100 years since its founder, Einar Schou, invented the modern commercial emulsifier. And the new CEO for Nexus will also have growth on his agenda. That’s because Palsgaard is growing at a rate that will see revenues double over the next five years. And the current product range is only part of the growth surge.

“We will compete in more areas, not just food, and will start to compete more and more with larger companies,” he says. “We are going to cover a lot of new ground with our emulsifiers, beginning with our most recent move into polymers and developing this along with other entirely new business segments. In fact, given that our products, their derivatives and our competencies can be expanded into so many new potential applications and services, we need to choose the next steps with care.”

Educated as a chemist, Christensen has experience both as a senior executive in large and small technology enterprises, and as a full professor in a lengthy and award-winning international academic career. It’s a remarkable combination that brings a broad palette of new skills to both companies – with innovation in the driving seat.