It’s no secret that consumers are demanding more transparency and clean labels when it comes to foods, beverages and supplements. Likewise, natural and organic products no longer represent trends. They have become mainstream markets. Also consider that an estimated 10% of global new food, beverage and supplements introduced during 2016 carried an organic label claim.*

Nexira will use the upcoming Vitafoods Europe show, May 9-11 in Geneva, Switzerland, to showcase its broad line of organic ingredients for food, beverage and supplement applications.

“Nexira is proud to supply a large range of organic ingredients to satisfy manufacturers’ needs in foods, beverages and supplements,” says Mathieu Dondain, Managing Director.

Dondain notes that Nexira works closely with its suppliers, is compliant to EU and National Organic Program (NOP) certified for arabic gum. The company also respects rules of equivalency for Korean, Japanese and Brazilian markets.

Food & Beverages

There are growing numbers of organic foods and drinks. Innova Market Insights reports that during 2016, 14% of new products in Western Europe carried organic claims and 13% of similar new items in North America carried organic claims.

“We see some products categories emerging in organic market,” notes says Julie Impérato, Nexira marketing manager. “Most notably, there are new healthy and natural beverages, snacks, vegetarian/flexitarian items, and recipes suited for special diets.”

Nexira offers a complete range of organic ingredients and solutions to answer processors’ needs, and help customers to develop qualitative and new formulations. Organic options include flavor stabilizer (Damar-EZ™ organic) and flavor emulsifier (Instantgum™ AA organic).

“Our organic range of fibers, Fibregum™ Bio, is used to add fibers, to improve nutritional values or health benefits and also to improve texture to the product,” adds Damien Guillemet, Nexira innovation director. “This ingredient is a way for manufacturers to make nutrition claims (such as “Good source of fiber” or “Rich in fiber”) while being suitable for clean labeling (e.g. organic, vegan, FODMAP friendly etc.).”

Nexira also offers solutions for brands positioning on healthy category with super fruits (Cactinea™, Cactus fruit, Exocyan, cranberry fruit) and organic labeling with specific ingredients: organic green coffee or organic green tea extract for a caffeine content.


Nexira has been convinced committed to the organic products market since 1997. To answer growing demand from young consumers and other generations, Nexira also has been expanding its portfolio with more than 50 organic ingredients for plant-based supplements.

“Nexira offers organic premium and branded ingredients with scientific support,” says Impérato. “Our range covers applications for cognitive (memory and stress with Cognivia™ and Serenzo™), weight management solutions (with Cactinea™ and NeOpuntia™) or women’s health with Exocyan™, a cranberry extract.”

Nexira also supplies numerous other organic botanical extracts such as blackcurrant, cranberry, Devil’s Claw, green coffee, green tea, etc. These organic botanical extracts (as with conventional ones), can be standardized in specific component, such as PACs for cranberry, or polyphenols for green tea.

Focus on Fibregum™

Fibregum Bio™ is composed of 100 % acacia gum. Nexira’s product is all-natural, organic certified, non-GMO Project Verified and has a 100 % vegetable origin.

Fibregum™ has a high fiber content, with at least 90 % soluble fiber on dry weight. This ingredient has a great advantage as it can be used in special diets. Its high digestive tolerance allows its use in FODMAP-free, fructose-free, gluten-free, allergen-free diets. Fibregum™ has a prebiotic effect, restores the intestinal barrier and helps to decrease the gut inflammation.

Thanks to its properties, Fibregum™ is an easy-to-use ingredient (soluble in water, no adding color / odor / flavor, low viscosity and hygroscopicity, stability to heat treatment and acidity).

In regard to the ingredient’s social and economic impact, acacia trees are a sustainable and valuable resource for the population. On the environmental aspect, growing acacia trees prevents desertification and deforestation.

*Innova Market Insights, 2016, world-all product categories

About Nexira

Nexira ( is a global supplier of natural innovative ingredients for the food, nutrition and health industries. Nexira built its reputation as the world leader in acacia gum. Now, Nexira manufactures a wide range of natural and organic ingredients with recognized health benefits and scientific support, perfectly suitable for the formulation of clean label products. Its portfolio includes highly functional and nutritional ingredients, antioxidants and active botanicals for weight management, anti-stress, sports nutrition, digestive health and cardiovascular health.