Horizon Organic® expanded its Growing Years™ line with the introduction of lowfat yogurt pouches, cultured dairy smoothies, reduced-fat milk half gallons, and single-serve whole milk boxes, available at grocery retailers nationwide.

These new products are packed with nutrients kids need as they expand their diets beyond milk.

The transition from infant formula or breast milk to dairy milk can be a challenge for parents, as many worry their children won't get the nutrition they need. To help bridge the gap, Horizon Organic® originally introduced Growing Years™ Whole Milk, the first line of organic dairy products developed with pediatricians, in 2019, to help usher parents through this new phase and help them provide their children with the nutrients they need.  

And now, with nearly 30% of parents citing Omega-3s (like DHA) as an important factor when purchasing toddler food1, Horizon Organic® has expanded its Growing Years™ portfolio to include yogurt and smoothies to make it even easier for parents to ensure their kids are getting key nutrients.

NEW Horizon Organic® Growing Years™ Portfolio Additions:

• Growing Years™ Organic Lowfat Yogurt Pouches (Blueberry and Strawberry)
• Growing Years™ Organic Cultured Dairy Smoothies (Blueberry and Strawberry)
• Growing Years™ Organic Reduced Fat 2% Milk
• Growing Years™ Organic Whole Milk Boxes  

Growing Years offers whole milk half gallons and single-serve boxes for children ages one to five, as well as reduced fat milk half gallons for children ages two to five, perfect for introducing dairy milk into their routines. 

For active school-aged children, whether they're out-and-about or at home, Growing Years yogurt pouches, cultured smoothies, and single-serve 8oz whole milk boxes make for great on-the-go options. 

Every serving of Growing Years organic dairy provides 50mg DHA-Omega-3 to help support brain health, a good source of choline to help transport DHA in the body and, prebiotics to help feed good bacteria in the gut.