Cera Products, Inc. announced a new ceralyte oral rehydration solution (ORS) is now available ready to drink in a 250 ml (8-ounce) size with a three year shelf life.  ceralyte®, the new-generation rice-based gluten-free ORS, features the dual action of effectively treating both dehydration and diarrhea, reducing fluid losses as it rehydrates, and it can be used for all ages.

ceralyte®  is a non-prescription product that safely treats diarrhea, regardless of etiology, in both children and adults. Clinically tested at renowned institutions, it is regulated by the FDA as a medical food so a physician should supervise its use.  ceralyte® has been widely used in powder form, including in military medical kits.  Now, it is also available as a convenient ready-made drink available to distributors, retail pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and individuals nationwide.

This scientifically developed low-osmolarity cost-effective formulation is also available in a variety of strengths and flavors in traveler-friendly ready-to-mix powder in different sizes.