ITO EN (North America) INC. unveiled contemporary flavors of its premium matcha LOVE® Tea Bags and a new Oi Ocha Cold Brew ready-to-drink beverage. The two new matcha LOVE Tea Bags are offered in Lemon Verbena + Peppermint and Apple + Ginger, infusing a fruity and invigorating zest to play off the premium Japanese matcha and green tea. The Oi Ocha Cold Brew uses an authentic Japanese cold brew process of ice steeping the tea leaves to extract a smooth, clean taste to allow the purity of the tea leaf to shine.

The new products will begin shipping to retailers this fall.

Using its decades of deep-rooted green tea expertise, ITO EN’s new, on-trend creations continue to innovate in the matcha tea category to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle.

New product details include:

  • Matcha LOVE Matcha + Lemon Verbena + Peppermint Tea Bags – perfect for brewing hot or cold, the unique marriage of herbal citrus notes and cooling peppermint offers a light, effervescent taste that blends harmoniously with finely milled matcha. Ten premium matcha bags in each box.
  • Matcha LOVE Matcha + Apple + Ginger Tea Bags – notes of crisp apple and warm ginger merge beautifully with the full-bodied matcha, creating an aromatic tea experience. Ten premium matcha bags in each box.
  • Oi Ocha Cold Brew – unsweetened and meticulously crafted with premium, whole-leaf green tea leaves and matcha, this authentically ice-steeped green tea delivers powerful nutrients wrapped in a clean, smooth naturally sweet sip. Available in 16.9 fluid-ounce bottles.