Green tea company ITO EN, global suppliers of authentic, organic ceremonial green tea and matcha powder, partnered with Taiyo International, to supply high-quality matcha to the food, beverage and supplement industries in North America. 

Based in Japan, ITO EN has produced authentic, flavorful and nutritious tea for more than 50 years. The company has a longstanding tradition of honoring tea’s cultural heritage, producing great tasting, sustainable tea and matcha powder with unmatched health properties. US consumers may be most familiar with ITO EN’s brands including Tea’s Tea, Matcha Love and Oi Ocha. 

Taiyo is the leader in the fast-growing field of green tea, having more than 50 years of experience focused on green tea research, nutritional product development and manufacturing technology. ITO EN’s ceremonial matcha adds to Taiyo’s existing portfolio of culinary organic matcha powder and ceremonial organic matcha powder. 

Matcha powder is made of high-grade green tea leaves cultivated with special care. The market for this distinctively rich-flavored ingredient with the beautiful green color has evolved quickly. Consumers have become more familiar with matcha thanks in part to its use by high-end coffee retailers as well as elite specialty brands.

Authentic, organic ceremonial Japanese matcha is also suitable for beverages, dairy products, protein powder, baked goods and supplements.  

All Taiyo green tea and matcha powder ingredients, including those sourced from ITO EN, are produced using time-honored water infusion and milling processes, and are in compliance with strict solvent and pesticide regulations. Stringent quality control standards are in place from farm to market. Both grades of matcha ingredients are certified organic, Kosher, NGPV, FSSC 22000 certified and Informed Ingredient certified.