Specialty Mediterranean food brand Peloponnese is relaunching its portfolio of products with refreshed packaging graphics and a new visual identity aimed at consumers looking for culinary adventure. Design agency Bulletproof was appointed to the project by brand owner Source Atlantique.

Peloponnese needed to refresh its packaging of this artisanal culinary range. Bulletproof was briefed to create a contemporary design that would give the brand strong shelf standout and entice new consumers to the range while ensuring clear range navigation for shoppers. Bulletproof created a new brand identity and packaging that strengthened the core equities of the brand, showing the village of Peloponnese, redrawn in a more contemporary style, evoking the idea of small-batch kitchens.

The new design architecture unifies the range, making it easier for shoppers to navigate the portfolio, with each variant descriptor clearly contained within its own brightly colored plaque nestled below the Peloponnese logo, set against a bold blue background. The colorways were chosen to give the brand maximum standout at shelf and create a strong brand block. For more information, visit www.wearebulletproof.com.