Stepan Company’s Lipid Nutrition is using SupplySide West in Las Vegas to highlight the key differences of its Marinol® product line.

Stepan Lipid Nutrition, Booth #DD174, will offer samples of OmegaWater, which contains Marinol Omega-3 Triglycerides. It’s a new way to demonstrate Marinol’s emulsification properties and ease of formulation.

“Actions speak louder than words and that’s why we decided to provide attendees a first-hand experience with Stepan’s Marinol Omega-3 product,” says Jenifer Heydinger Galante, PhD., senior research manager with Stepan Lipid Nutrition. “OmegaWater samples will afford attendees the opportunity to envision their products formulated with Stepan’s Marinol, which has Omega-3s in the most bioavailable form of natural triglycerides.”

Stepan Lipid Nutrition's Marinol is composed of approximately 30% of diglycerides, resulting in better emulsification properties and making it easy to formulate as compared to other fish oils. Using a natural enzymatic process, diglycerides highly concentrated in DHA are formed from the original triglycerides.  The process uses no chemicals and reduces saturated fatty acids. 

“Because Marinol products are made with a natural, enzyme-based manufacturing process, they provide product stability and prevent odors or off-flavors,” notes Galante.

Marinol products are available in two forms: highly concentrated oil and high-stability powder. They offer different EPA and DHA ratios to provide health benefits tailored for the needs of specific groups ranging from infants to athletes to the elderly.  

“When formulating, our ingredients make it possible to enhance and customize a wide variety of foods and dietary supplements,” adds Galante.

Sustainable Sourcing 

Stepan remains committed to developing sustainable products. Consumers have a strong interest in overall corporate sustainability and they are increasingly demonstrating a willingness to buy from responsible companies that are doing what they can to cause the least amount of harm while making their products.

In sourcing marine raw materials, Stepan Lipid Nutrition focuses on sustainable production of value-added Omega-3 products such as marine oils, which can help to diminish the supply chain risks that currently endanger marine life. Stepan endeavors to use sustainable methods of processing that also are capable of fulfilling consumer needs such as sensory quality, safety, and high DHA/EPA potency.

At the Stepan Lipid Nutrition Booth, there will be a team of experts available to discuss formulation solutions using Marinol® Omega-3 and the entire Stepan Lipid Nutrition portfolio, including Clarinol® CLA and NEOBEE® MCTs.  Stepan’s ingredients make it possible to customize and enhance a wide variety of foods and dietary supplements.

About Stepan Lipid Nutrition

Stepan Lipid Nutrition is a global leader in the production and supply of scientifically studied, naturally derived, lipid ingredients used in nutritional products. Our products may improve nutritional health in various markets including sports nutrition, weight management, clinical nutrition and infant nutrition.  

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