HyEdge Inc., Bryn Mawr, Pa., says it redesigned packaging for HFactor, which it describes as a functional water infused with hydrogen.

Officials say the new Hydro-Pack package (which debuted earlier this summer) features an easy-open twist-off spout as well as a new look-and-feel with enhanced hour-glass structure and new graphics. The new spout replaces the brand’s for “rip and sip” top. 

“While our original package was praised for its unique ergonomic design, we recognize the challenges of our rip-top,” notes Gail Levy, HFactor founder and CEO. “Fitting our Hydro-Pack with an easy-to-open spout—that still retains hydrogen—is a proud moment for our company. As our retail presence is slated to expand exponentially over the next several months, I could not be more excited to introduce our customers to HFactor’s newest packaging.”

Levy notes that the distinctive pouch has retained its signature aquatic look and now reflects a sleeker and more minimalist design. Additional pouch upgrades include a matte finish, horizontal logo, the introduction of a blue-green color palette and more prominently featured product benefits.

Levy says HFactor is the first functional water with hydrogen, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.