The Chips Ahoy! brand unveiled an MMMproved recipe to its original chocolate chip cookie. The biggest update in nearly 10 years, this recipe will help the brand that is "Here for Happy" make Chips Ahoy! fans even happier by featuring tastier chocolate, a new amount of chocolate chips and adjusted cookie texture.

The new recipe for original Chips Ahoy! cookies features a new chocolate chip, available in the Chips Ahoy! MMMproved original cookie. The specially blended chocolate chips feature a higher cacao content and a higher concentrate Madagascar vanilla extract resulting in a well-rounded chocolate flavor while reducing bitterness.

Other MMMprovements Chips Ahoy! fans will notice include:

- A richer cookie flavor and creamy chocolate taste featuring a new amount of chocolate chips

- National implementation of a mixing process that creates updated cookie texture

- New packaging design with a combination of improvements including updates to the logo, an even more "craveable" image of the MMMproved cookie, more prominent background graffiti reflecting the brand personality with a matte packaging finish that all together makes it a more modern design Chips Ahoy!