It’s no secret that when you’re responsible for a leading coffee creamer brand, you keep a close eye on coffee trends. Then again, there could be some secret magic to how your brand responds to those trends. 

Take the example of International Delight, part of DanoneWave, Broomfield, Colo. Even before the advent of cold brew and nitro cold brew coffees, brand managers here had seen consumers clamoring for a premium coffeehouse experience—and willing to pay for that quality.

“We are continuously looking to provide consumers with delicious new ways to enjoy their coffee,” says International Delight Associate Brand Manager Lauren Baum. “We knew that making a latte at home can be challenging and requires expensive equipment. Likewise, going to the coffeehouse can be time consuming and costly. That’s why so we challenged our teams to create a simple, easy-to-use, and delicious, way for consumers to transform their morning cup of coffee into a latte—in just seconds.”

After several years in development, International Delight this year introduced One-Touch Latte, a line of frothing coffee creamers. They are available in three flavors—Caramel, Vanilla and Mocha—and come in 12oz cans with a unique foaming nozzle. International Delight recommends that consumers fill a cup two-thirds full with coffee, shake and hold the can over the cup (with nozzle pointed downward) and then press down for just five to seven seconds. Each can produces up to seven latte drinks.

“The International Delight team worked very closely to tackle the challenge of developing instructions to teach consumers how to use this breakthrough innovation,” notes Baum.  “We collaborated across R&D, Packaging, Creative, Brand, and Consumer Insights to develop a variety of ways to easily instruct consumers how to use this disruptive technology. We then took our top options to focus groups to work directly with consumers to understand how our message was being conveyed to them. This collaborative effort led to the instructions that have been integral in launching this new innovation.”

For the record, the can boasts a unique, sleek nozzle. And to Baum’s point, International Delight hired Fallon Worldwide, Minneapolis, to create a series of TV spots that creatively show how simple the product is to use. Several spots end with the encouragement: “Make Your Own Latte.”

Baum concludes, “While we aren’t able to share sales information at this time, we are very happy with the response from consumers—especially all of the creative ways people are using the product to create lattes at home!”