A category leader in Canada, PRANA, a B-Corp certified company that specializes in the production of organic snacks, recently launched in the US. Since its beginnings in 2005, the family-owned company has expanded exponentially to become the leading 100% organic snack producer in Canada. With sales of organic food reaching $43 billion in the US last year, an increase of 8.4%, PRANA felt it was time to bring their mission of promoting wholesome living through good nourishment to their southern neighbor.

Founder Marie-Joseé Richer and her husband, Alon Farber, desired to create an organic snack food company that embraced sustainability, integrity and transparency. All of PRANA’s products are 100% organic, non-GMO certified, gluten-free certified and SQF level 2 certified. Furthermore, PRANA goes above and beyond by roasting and flavoring their products themselves, ensuring everything is vegan, preservative-free, sulfite-free and above all, free of compromise. The company received its Benefit Corporation (B-corp) status in 2015, showing their business impacts and serves more than just shareholders, but has an equal responsibility to the community and the environment. And PRANA isn’t just a B-corp,, they are a top Benefit Corporation ranking number one overall in Canada within the food and beverage space and touting the best environmental score out of every B-corp in North America.

The company will launch some of its top product lines in the United States, which can be found at various retailers, depending on the state, including Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Roundy’s and New Seasons.

  • Chia: As the number one seller of organic chia seeds in Canada, PRANA’s four varieties (whole black, whole white, black ground and white ground) are rich in fiber and proteins. Just one serving provides the needed daily intake of Omega-3 fatty acids and is a good source of calcium and iron. In addition, PRANA’s innovative and exclusive blend of probiotics and organic chia seeds, ProactivChia, contains six billion live probiotics per serving.
  • Chocolate Bark: With wholesome, authentic and clean ingredients and a taste that would rival premium chocolate bars, PRANA’s vegan Chocolate Bark, made with 62% fair trade cacao, provides a new convenient way for healthy indulgers to snack on chocolate. With four delicious flavors there is one for every chocolate-lover’s palette.
  • Trail Mixes: No fillers in these mixes means there are only wholesome ingredients to keep you fueled on the trail. The three flavors, including PRANA’s most popular flavor, Kilimanjaro, adhere to the same non-GMO and vegan standards as other PRANA products.