NuttZo, the mom-made brand delivering the original multi-nut and seed butter, announced its newest offering, Bold BiteZ, available in two flavors, Power Fuel + Collagen and Peanut Pro + Collagen. A new, portable take on NuttZo’s popular jarred nut and seed butter flavors, Bold BiteZ will offer the health benefits of seven nuts and seeds, and will be available in the refrigerated section of premier grocers nationwide January 2018. As with all NuttZo products, portions of proceeds will be donated to Project Left Behind, NuttZo’s sister nonprofit benefitting orphaned and neglected children worldwide.

NuttZo’s new Bold BiteZ incorporates protein-packed ingredients such as grass-fed collagen and pea protein, delivering 10 grams of protein and just five grams of sugar in the Power Fuel + Collagen and Peanut Pro + Collagen flavors. While NuttZo’s proprietary blend of nuts and seeds accounts for 60% of the bar and provide a creamy base, cacao nibs and rice crisps deliver added nutritional benefits such as antioxidants, iron, magnesium, and calcium. In fact, cacao nibs and grass-fed collagen have been shown to improve skin and hair health, reduce joint pain, heal leaky gut, boost metabolism and muscle mass and provide a natural mood lift. Thanks to its portable packaging, Bold BiteZ are ideal for on-the-go activities such as hiking, running, post-workout snacking or office stashing. Where possible, Bold BiteZ are made with organic and non-GMO ingredients and are gluten, dairy, soy and whey-free.

NuttZo’s Bold BiteZ will be available at select stores nationwide, and online at for an SRP of $2.59-$2.99.