Beets – the colorful root crop native to the Mediterranean region and enjoyed by humans since Roman times – are one of nature’s nutritional powerhouses, delivering nutrients that support a healthy circulatory and immune system. However, because beets have the highest sugar content of all vegetables, some health experts say they should be eaten in moderation. Now, consumers can get the extraordinary benefits of organic, fermented beets – without the sugar – in Nature’s Answer’s Whole Beets, a vegan, gluten free, cherry-flavored whole food powder.
“Beets have been a valuable food, especially important for blood and liver health, for centuries,” said Nature’s Answer VP Brand Manager Steve Marada. “Fermenting beets removes the sugars and it makes the benefits of beets more available to the body while introducing valuable probiotic bacteria and enzymes.”
Nature’s Answer’s unique probiotic fermentation process increases the concentration of nitric oxide precursors – which support healthy blood vessel elasticity and blood flow – in Nature’s Answer Whole Beets by up to 200 percent. When the naturally occurring nitrates in whole beets are converted to nitric oxide in the body, they help support circulatory health and endurance and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. 
Consumers can also feel good knowing that Nature’s Answer Whole Beets is made from Certified Organic whole food powder, not from concentrate, and naturally sweetened with organic stevia. Available in 6.34-ounce tubs (30 servings), Nature’s Answer Whole Beets is completely gluten free, alcohol free, gelatin free, vegan, non GMO, contains no artificial preservatives, and made to our rigorous standards.