Small Town Cultures raw fermented foods include sliced jalapeños, cardamon beets, turmeric kimchi, spicy radish, Meyer lemon, and more to support nutrition. Crafted in Keene, N.Y., using mountain water from the Adirondacks, all clean offerings are made without vinegar or sugar and no additives or preservatives. The products are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and keto-friendly, accommodating most diets.

Good for overall health and especially gut health, the plant-based probiotics are small-batch, handmade in recycled glass containers (packaging uses post-consumer cardboard and environmentally friendly ink).

The brand began when its founder, Cori Deans, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that made her feel constantly sick. Regardless of medications and surgeries, she only started to feel better when she decided to repopulate her gut with good bacteria from fermented foods. She went one step further and created a brand that was more pleasing to her taste buds.