Naughty Noah’s, on a mission to spread healthy traditional Vietnamese cuisine with the world one meal at a time, announced the addition of three new flavors to its growing line of one-of-a-kind, premium instant Vietnamese Pho noodle soups. The new flavors: Holy Hot Pepper, Curry Masala and Don’t Be a Boar, add to the company’s award-winning line of all-natural, gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, grab-and-go pho noodle soups that can be enjoyed at home, work, college or anywhere. 

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Rooted in Vietnamese culture and tradition, all Naughty Noah’s products are made with fresh, wholesome, all-natural and organic Vietnamese-inspired ingredients. Each serving carton contains individually wrapped and portioned rice noodles, spices, and omega-rich coconut or avocado oil. All ingredients are meticulously selected and sourced ingredients that are free of added growth hormones and antibiotics, and ensures that any animal used as sources are humanely raised.

“Our goal is to disrupt the $40 billion instant noodle market by offering a delicious, convenient and nutritious Vietnamese Pho noodle soup to consumers everywhere,” said JimmyTay Trinh, Founder and CEO of Naughty Noah’s. “We created our Pho based on my mother’s authentic home recipes that deliver the rich culinary tradition of Vietnamese cuisine, combining delicious flavors that capture our heritage with spices that have inherent health benefits to deliver a tastier and healthier noodle meal than anything on the market today.” 

Naughty Noah’s fast Pho delivers a nutritionally dense snack or meal that is based on an authentic family recipe that generations have loved. Naughty Noah’s can be enjoyed as is, prepared with hot water in minutes, or dressed up with added proteins and vegetables.

Naughty Noah’s currently offers six flavors of Vietnamese Pho noodle soups:

  • Holy Hot Pepper packs a punch and just the right hit of spicy heat with ground cayenne chili pepper, roasted red bell pepper, parsley, and onion for a pick-me-up in the middle of a long day.
  • Curry Masala brings on the heat with a warm curry and coconut masala mashup that combines coconut powder, turmeric, and a dash of Saigon cinnamon for a dairy-free savory bowl of pho noodles.
  • Don’t Be A Boar blends cinnamon spice and everything nice for a flavorful spice blend that incorporates cloves, onion, and Saigon cinnamon. A splash of coconut oil marries all the flavors together to create a pleasant bowl of pho.
  • Chicka What is based on the original Vietnamese chicken pho noodle soup you might have tried, but without MSG or GMOs. 
  • Original Beast is the OG Baby (or Original Beast) in this case. reminiscent of the original Vietnamese beef pho noodle soup that has star anise, cardamom, and scallions but is vegan, MSG and GMO-free.
  • Victory Veg boasts robust beet flavor with hints of garlic and celery and is vegan (as are all flavors, including meat-named flavors.

Lower in sodium and fat than other traditional instant noodles, Naughty Noah’s is created with healthy omega-rich coconut and avocado oils, which are a healthier alternative to vegetable oils and provide for a nourishing snack or meal. The colorfully-packaged fast Pho soup products come in dishwasher-safe, reusable and recyclable carton bowls, each complete with an individually wrapped selection of rice noodles, spices, and oils.

All flavors are available for purchase in six-pack cases at and specialty retail shops for $29.95 per case or in a variety pack of six.