For more than a century, the Pizzey Family has been developing flax, farming natural farm-to-table flaxseed. Supplying food manufacturers with quality flax for almost 30 years, the family milling process is a protected secret within the industry. Acknowledging a demand among flaxseed consumer, the company launched its own retail brand, Manitoba Milling Company, to bring its smooth, whole-milled premium flaxseed directly to consumers.
Using a proprietary heat treatment to ensure consistent safety and quality, Manitoba flax is ready-to-eat with a roasted, nutty, mild flavoring. Growing in Manitoba allows the flax to boast 2-3% higher ALA Omega-3 content and a two-year shelf-life without refrigeration. Plus, the Pizzey family takes great care during production by using its custom-built mills to select only healthy, uniformly colored seeds. The product is also pesticide and gluten-free.