Tastepoint by IFF has released details of its inaugural taste innovation showcase, FirsTaste, happening on Thursday, September 27 at Penn State at the Navy Yard, in Philadelphia. Themed “A Fresh Take on Taste”, FirsTaste is a premium event for current and prospective Tastepoint customers which has its roots in the popular Innovation Roadshow, formerly presented by David Michael & Co. FirsTaste will feature an innovation showcase with more than 20 creations and technologies, as well as several educational sessions on industry topics. Guests are also invited to kick-off the experience the night before with a “Trend Trek,” a walking taste tour through some of Philadelphia’s trendiest spots.
“Certainly, participants will sense the 15-year legacy of the Innovation Roadshow they came to appreciate” said Dan Byrne, General Manager of Tastepoint by IFF. “But, by adding opportunities like the Trend Trek and tapping into the power of IFF, we’ve expanded the show’s interactive offerings, sharpened our focus on targeted market trends, and enhanced the overall tasteworthiness to create something truly unique and exciting for our customers.”
FirsTaste 2018 is all about providing the insights, know-how, inspiration and depth of information that will allow participants to walk away with actionable concepts and strategies for their business. No matter the application, inspiration can be found in everything shared.
“Our number one goal with this show and the ‘Fresh Take on Taste’ theme is to facilitate innovation in our customers’ everyday work and provide them with the knowledge and tools they can take back to their businesses, share with their colleagues and work into their business models.”
FirsTaste Features at a Glance
Philadelphia Trend Trek, September 26, 5:00 p.m.
• Walking tasting tour throughout Philadelphia’s hottest spots.
• Attendees will be treated to one of three neighborhood tours, with delicious selections which include local must-haves, and on-trend favorites.
Innovation Showcase
• More than 20 provocative flavor introductions
• Innovative, trend-driven applications in all four product categories (beverage, sweet, savory, dairy)
• Innovations that run the gamut, from modulation and delivery systems to organics, and “mainstays” such as vanilla
• Technologies powered by IFF
Featured Sessions
• “Breaking free from the industry mindset to discover your own innovation.” Doug Hall, Founder & CEO, Eureka Ranch and Brain Brew Distillery (Morning Session)
• “R&D strategy, developing innovation and collaboration.” Gregory Yep, EVP, Chief Scientific and Sustainability Officer, IFF (Lunchtime Bite-Size Session)
• “Responsible sourcing and sustainability.” Michael Hershkowitz, Global Director, Product Sustainability, IFF (Lunchtime Bite-Size Session)
• “Peak Flavor Always®.” Marc Oshima, Cofounder and Chief Marketing Officer, AeroFarms (Afternoon Session)
• “Design Thinking for Food: Unlocking Creativity for Innovation.” Lauren Shimek, CEO and Founder, Food, Tech. Design. (Afternoon Session)

FirsTaste is a free, by-invitation-only event for Tastepoint customers and potential customers. Space is limited. Additional information is available at Tastepoint.com/firstaste.