Riviana Foods Inc. launched the globally inspired Minute® Instant Jasmine Rice (Minute Jasmine). Developed to help consumers add an international flair to their meals, Minute Jasmine offers the core benefits of the original Minute Instant Rice – ease and convenience – with the subtle, buttery flavor and enticing aroma of jasmine rice that is native to Thailand.

Minute Jasmine is fluffy and fragrant when cooked; has a light, sweet flavor, pleasant scent, and is ready in the same time as the signature Minute White Rice: only five minutes. Minute Jasmine complements both Asian and traditional dishes, retaining the same pleasing tenderness of white rice but with elevated flavor and enough versatility to make it a standout dish. In a pre-launch consumer test, Minute Jasmine exceeded expectations, driven by strong, positive perceptions of taste, aroma and texture.

Minute Jasmine’s packaging features an internationally inspired Sweet and Spicy Apricot Chicken recipe and “mix it up” ideas showcasing the versatility of the product, such as using lite coconut milk instead of water and curry powder to boost the flavor.

The product will be sold nationally across the US for a suggested retail price of $2.69.