In anticipation of continuing growth in global demand for naturally derived, sustainably produced ingredients, CP Kelco announced plans to expand pectin production capacity by about 15% at its facility in Lille Skensved, Denmark.

This significant investment will enhance market supply by 2019-2020 and is focused on increasing production of low methyl ester (LM) pectin, which is ideally suited for popular products such as ambient drinking yogurts, jams, jellies and fruit preparations.

“From a functional and clean label perspective, pectin is the stabilizing and texturizing ingredient of choice for many food and beverage companies, and we foresee continued increase in its demand and application, especially in emerging markets,” says Susanne Sörgel, senior director, Platform Strategy-Pectin and Carrageenan, at CP Kelco. 

“Over the years we have invested heavily to secure sustainable raw material supply and advance our pectin production capacity and capabilities to support global customers’ growth, while continuously innovating to improve product quality, minimize environmental impact and achieve new levels of sustainability,” adds Sörgel.

About CP Kelco

Headquartered in Atlanta, CP Kelco is a leading producer of specialty hydrocolloids with offices and facilities across the globe.

Featuring an extensive range of hydrocolloid solutions and serving over 100 countries, CP Kelco leverages its capabilities to bring concepts and ideas to real-world products in a broad range of applications. The company’s specialty ingredients touch a wide variety of consumer and household products and industrial applications, tailored to meet the needs of regional consumers. 

Key product lines are Gellan Gum, Pectin, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Diutan Gum, Carboxymethyl Cellulose, and Microparticulated Whey Protein Concentrate, as well as other unique biopolymers. 

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