Coombs Family Farms, a seventh generation producer and packer of pure and organic maple, introduced Coombs Family Farms Maple Stream™, a spray-able maple syrup. At the push of a button, Coombs Family Farms Maple Stream dispenses Organic Grade A amber color and rich taste maple syrup. 

Coombs Family Farms sources additional maple from over 3,000 small family farms in the US that share its commitment to quality, environment stewardship and sustainable forestry management. By purchasing their syrup, and bringing it to market, Coombs Family Farms supports other small farmers and builds local, rural economies. 

Coombs Family Farms Maple Stream comes in a 7-ounce recyclable can that streams out mess-free, portion-controlled organic maple syrup. The syrup is not atomized into a fine mist and contains no flammable proponents. Maple Stream will be available nationwide in groceries and other retailers for Q4 2018 with a SRP of $7.99. 

Like all Coombs Family Farms organic maple products, Maple Stream is certified organic. In addition to being free of toxic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMOs, Coombs Family Farms organic maple syrup is produced with sustainable forestry practices, to nurture the forests for generations to come.