Amazing Grass™, a brand of plant-based, whole-food powdered supplements and nutrition bars, launched Amazing Protein Glow, a product line featuring the brand’s signature farm-fresh greens, organically grown on its family farm in Kansas, plus an array of functional botanicals to support a natural glow from the inside out. The innovative supplement, with 100% active ingredients derived from plants, delivers a plant-based solution to the collagen boom, providing a thoughtful combination of nourishing protein, reviving superfoods and an excellent source of key vitamins to support collagen synthesis for healthy skin and a natural glow, while remaining entirely animal-free.
Amazing Protein Glow unites the brand’s cornerstone farm-fresh greens, organically grown on its third-generation family farm, with nutritious superfoods to deliver efficacious supplement offerings that are simple and convenient to enjoy. Simply swirl into water, toss into smoothies, or mix into baked goods for a convenient collagen supporting, superfood boost perfect for any time of the day. 
Amazing Protein Glow is crafted with 15g of plant protein plus reviving superfoods like Rose Petal, Holy Basil, Acerola Cherry, Guava and lemon peel to help support collagen synthesis and production. Each scoop delivers all essential amino acids to support lean muscle recovery and repair, 100% DV biotin for healthy hair, skin and nails and provides an excellent source of food-based B-complex vitamins and vitamin C to further promote the appearance of glowing skin.

The suggested retail price is $32.99 for 15 servings and the products are available in three flavors:
Wild Berry Hibiscus, Chocolate Rose and Vanilla Honeysuckle.