MycoTechnology closed their Series C funding round co-led by S2G Ventures Fund II, L.P., Middleland MT Holdings, LLC, ADM Capital's Cibus Fund, and TML-Invest S.à r.l. with participation from Tysons Ventures, Bunge Ventures Limited, Continental Grain Company, Eighteen94 Capital, LLC (Kellogg's), and DNS-Hiitake LLC.

The $30 million in new investment will fuel expansion and accelerate R&D project execution. The funding round opens up an opportunity to explore different ways to meet consumer demands and bring new and novel ingredients to market. MycoTechnology will also use these additional funds for further expansion of the team in order to facilitate current and future projects.

Gary Pilnick, Kellogg's Vice Chairman said, "MycoTechnology's innovative organic technology addresses growing consumer demand for products focused on health and sustainability, and Kellogg's is excited to continue to partner with the company in a number of ways." The investment coming from noteworthy companies in the industry reveals the significant impact MycoTechnology is making in the rapidly changing food ingredient space. MycoTechnology is at the forefront of innovation with their cutting-edge mushroom fermentation platform, and big names are recognizing the potential and enthusiastically getting on board.

S2G Ventures's Sanjeev Krishnan said, "We are excited about the strategic and customer validation of this round. Myco has proven itself to be a platform and a products company. Investors in this round represent over $100 Billion in revenues and market caps. Myco's platform is proven to solve many of the food industry problems as it tries to feed the changing consumer preferences."

MycoTechnology has developed a novel organic food processing platform that transforms agricultural material into functional ingredients that address the biggest challenges in the food and beverage industry. Their flagship product, ClearTaste®, is the world's first organic bitter blocker, which helps companies reduce the sugar content of their products by blocking bitterness. Their second product, PureTaste®, is solving how we will feed an exponentially growing population with a sustainable, functional, and nutritional plant based protein. MycoTechnology is dedicated to increasing the availability of healthy, sustainable, and high-quality food options through mushroom fermentation.