Nona Lim has raised $3 Million in seed round funding on a strong record of healthy innovations such as its new line of individual Heat & Sip Cups of soups and Asian style bone broths. Harbinger Ventures leads the round with additional funding from Echo Capital Group, Navama & Kouffman LLC, CircleUp and Cambridge Companies SPG. The seed funding round combines conventional foods and natural foods industry leaders focused on trends popular with millennials.
Nona Lim will use the financing to support product innovation, executive hires, and drive continued aggressive expansion into national retail and food service accounts.  The brand is known for its inventive clean-label soups, Asian broths, fresh noodles and Heat & Sip soup cups that provide convenient, plant-rich nourishment.
“Our investment partners offer considerable competitive advantage with expertise from veterans of industry-leading brands, unique access to data insights and relationships” says Nona Lim Founder Nona Lim.
Launched in 2006 as a meal delivery service, Nona Lim has evolved into a brand known for clean-label innovations. Before launching the first Heat & Sip Cups of bone broth, the brand pioneered the refrigerated soup and broth category in retail and launched the first fresh gourmet rice noodles and ramen noodles in the refrigerated section of stores.
“Nona Lim’s record of clean label innovation is the future of food,” says Harbinger Ventures Founder and Managing Partner Megan Bent. Harbinger provides capital and deep experience to fast-growing natural products brands led by exceptional female leaders. Harbinger’s advisors include serial entrepreneur Brendan Synnott (co-Founder Bear Naked, co-Founder EVOL, CEO PACT Organic).
"Echo is proud to add Nona Lim to its portfolio,” says Benjamin Levy of Echo Capital Group. “With its suite of flavorful, nutrient-dense broths, noodles, and soups, the brand has made time-honored recipes, convenient and accessible." Echo Capital Group invests in consumer products that resonate with millennials and their investment fund comes from a single family source built on the consumer brand Hot Pockets.  
“As both entrepreneurs & investors, we look for companies with an authentic voice, a powerful purpose and that innovate relentlessly,” Says David Navama Co-founder/President SPINS Ventures. SPINS Ventures develops of data-driven technology, designed to deepening the engagement between brands, retailers and consumers.