Clean-label dairy alternatives innovator Yofix Probiotics, Ltd., concluded an extended series-A round of strategic investment from new key investors: Germany-based Müller Ventures, AG; the French Bel Group; and LionTree Partners LLC, based in the US. This brings in a total of $2.5M in investment.

The new infusion of funding provides the startup with significant leverage for attaining global expansion of its current portfolio of award-winning plant-based yogurts. The funding also allows the company to accelerate development of its tech platform to launch more innovative soy-free dairy alternatives in additional categories.

Last year, Yofix launched a new generation of clean-label yogurt alternatives based on its proprietary zero-waste production process. The unique fermented formula is soy-free and composed of a short list of natural and highly nutritious ingredients, including oats, lentils, and sesame. It was carefully crafted to deliver the classic flavor and probiotic functionality of dairy yogurts without the dairy ingredients, serving the lactose-intolerant and dairy-allergic population as well as offering a plant-based solution for the growing vegan and flexitarian markets.