Malt Products Corporation (MPC), a manufacturer of malted barley extract and other natural, nutritious sweeteners, will feature a variety of products from its MaltRite™ portfolio of malted barley extracts at the Institute of Food Technology (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo, June 2-5 in New Orleans. 

Amid increasing demand for non-GMO, plant-based, and nutrient-rich ingredients, the company’s spectrum of liquid (LME) and dry (DME) malt extracts will be on display at Booth #4852. 

Malted barley extract has become an increasingly attractive option for food and beverage manufacturers when compared with standard sugars or artificial substitutes. Malted barley extract offers distinct flavor profiles and various health-related benefits pertaining to probiotics, plant-derived proteins and sports recovery.

MPC's MaltRite™ portfolio comprises multi-functional ingredients that act as natural humectants (moisture absorber), and enhance browning (Maillard reaction), fermentation, body and viscosity.

With a nod to the “good for you” ingredient trend, malted barley extract’s natural origins make it particularly “pantry-friendly.” Key benefits include: 

•    Rich with antioxidants: More than five times the antioxidant power of fresh broccoli.

•    Athletic recovery: Athletes are relying on malt extract-based beverages to replenish and recover.

•    Gut health: Preferred base for fermented beverages and foods, by optimizing the good bacteria and minimizing bad bacteria.

•    Not an empty sugar: Contains proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is mostly maltose, the energy sugar, and contains no fructose, the toxic sugar.   

At IFT Expo, MPC also will showcase its OatRite™ portfolio of extracts. Blending oats and malt barley, the extracts provide excellent binding properties with mild sweetness and a pleasant oat taste and aroma. 

Naturally high in protein, minerals and antioxidants, the non-GMO, label-friendly OatRite™ extracts offer benefits including browning, crystal control for frozen products, improved texture, extended shelf life and easy fermentability. These characteristics make them ideally suited for cereal and granola, non-dairy beverages, breakfast bars, pancakes, cookies and a wide variety of baked goods. 

MPC offers a full line of natural sweeteners serving a broad range of industries, including bakery, confectionery, beverages, snack foods and cereals, pet food, animal nutrition, and pharmaceutical.

In addition to its MaltRite™ and OatRite™ lines, the company also supplies a broad spectrum of healthy, natural sweeteners including molasses, rice syrup, tapioca syrup, agave and honey. 

The company comes into the IFT Expo having recently completed a five-year, $50 million investment, capped off by the completion of a $15 million state-of-the-art vacuum belt dryer. Infrastructure upgrades also included a Meura mash-filter, an expanded laboratory, and elevated R&D and customer application capabilities. 

“With a continued focus on natural ingredients, major food and beverage companies are rediscovering ancient ingredients such as malted barley and oats,” said Amy Targan, president of MPC. “Essentially, the old is becoming the new again. As one of the country’s most prominent suppliers, we look forward to showcasing our full selection at IFT Expo.”

About Malt Products Corporation

Founded in 1957 and headquartered in Saddle Brook, NJ, Malt Products Corporation (MPC) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of malted barley extract and natural sweeteners.  

MPC has grown from a regional supplier of malts to an international company offering a full line of natural sweeteners serving a wide range of industries, such as bakery, confectionary, beverages, snack foods and cereals, pet food, animal nutrition, and pharmaceutical. MPC products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Dayton, OH. Product quality and customer service have been fundamental to MPC’s growth. 

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