Omya will use its IFT Food Expo 2019 Booth #3127, to showcase natural high purity calcium carbonate particles for many applications.

Omya will highlight its Omya-Cal® range of natural calcium carbonates, which add health benefits and improve production processes and formulations. Food and drink products fortified with this highly bioavailable and most concentrated source of calcium support bone health, muscles and nerves. 

This ingredient also provides more benefits. It’s an easy-to-handle powder that also positively impacts product texture. Applications include powdered foods, bakery products, cereals, extruded snacks, vegan and non-dairy drinks to various other foods and beverages. 

Also on display will be Omyafood™ for sports and vitamin premixes, as well as specialties from the company’s distribution portfolio. 

Calcium enrichment of finished products is an emerging trend, supported by the world’s aging population and consumer demand for healthy all-round solutions. Omya-Cal® has a high elemental calcium content of approximately 40%. Up to five times less is needed in comparison to other technical solutions in order to achieve the same calcium content in a finished product. Costs can be reduced while maintaining top sensory results in the end product. 

Mined sustainably in Amboy, Calif., and processed in Superior, Ariz., these particles contain very low levels of lead, cadmium and aluminum when compared with leading US competitors. Omya-Cal® is certified organic and available in a variety of particle sizes. 

Besides adding nutritional benefits to food applications, the minerals’ various properties aid processing. The ingredient is an effective anti-caking agent for powders and may also reduce dust. Moreover, it improves the gelling qualities of fluids and corrects pH values. In snacks and cereals, the particles make for better extrusion. 

When it comes to salty or sweet tastes, the ingredient intensifies perception in many applications, including baked goods and snacks. This means that salt or sugar content can be reduced, with the latter allowing for reduced-calorie products. 

To reduce harmful acrylamide that develops when starchy ingredients are treated at high temperatures, Omya-Cal® can be incorporated into the recipe without affecting taste or volume. Furthermore, acting as a natural white pigment, Omya-Cal® is a great replacement for other, less label-friendly whiteners. It promotes the opacity and brilliancy of colors, such as in coatings.    

Another spotlight at IFT will be on Omyafood™ 100-OG particles, which provide powdered sport nutrition products and vitamin supplements with multiple benefits. Besides optimizing flow, anti-caking and dusting, the consistent porosity of the particles offers a high carrier functionality. Particles have a loading capacity of up to 55% for vitamins, flavors and other actives. What’s more, the ingredient can be used as an efficient calcium fortification agent, allowing related claims on pack while being neutral in taste. 

Visitors to the Omya booth can also discover the broad range of specialty ingredients from the company’s global distribution portfolio, such as flavor enhancers, natural food colors, antioxidants, sweeteners, preservatives, acidity regulators, filling agents and vitamins. These selected additives allow manufacturers to develop universal product solutions that fit current market trends and demands.

About Omya Group 

Omya International AG is a leading global producer of calcium carbonates and a worldwide distributor of specialty additives, premium services and solutions. Founded in 1884 in Switzerland, Omya has a global presence extending to more than 175 locations in over 50 countries with 8,000 employees. Omya provides sustainable added value products and services from responsibly sourced materials to meet the needs of current and future generations. In the consumer goods sector, Omya offers innovative solutions based on high purity natural minerals and complementary ingredients complying with the most stringent regulatory and quality standards.

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