Clean Label Appeal

Edlong Simply Dairy is a line of all-natural flavors that includes butters, Cheddars, Italian style cheeses and butter cream profiles. These ingredients were developed using unmatched, natural biotransformation processing knowledge with real dairy. Unlike flavors, they are listed as their source ingredients on product labels, which provides full transparency to consumers. Made with real dairy, these concentrated profiles naturally amplify cheese or butter notes and deliver impactful dairy essences. Simply Dairy ingredients also offer more flexibility to formulators.

—The Edlong Corporation,

Ingredient Cheeses

Through its Cheese Division (USA), Saputo supplies a full range of cheese products to enhance other food ingredients for retail or foodservice customers—all while offering exceptional service to meet any unique manufacturing requirements. Our vast portfolio of cheeses offer exceptional taste, texture, aroma and culinary performance, at a scale you can count on. Saputo offers organic and non-GMO options for select products. All cheeses are RBST-free. Our master cheesemakers oversee the production of the perfect cheese and format for your products, while adhering to Saputo’s high-quality standards. Contact us to learn more about our products and capabilities

—Saputo Cheese USA Inc.,

Whey Protein, Lactose

Hilmar Ingredients supplies whey protein and lactose made from sweet whey. The sole source of this sweet whey is our parent company’s large-scale cheese operations in California and Texas. These US-based operations provide the freshest, highest quality whey stream from which we produce large runs of whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate, as well as edible and refined lactose. It’s simple to meet consumer demand for products that are nutritious and appetizing. Start with dairy protein—the ingredients that deliver complete protein for lean muscle, clean flavor for higher use levels and stability across processing methods. Let Hilmar help with any on-trend product—such as a new protein dry mix that is quickly dispersible, super clear and soy lecithin-free; a Caramel Crème Crisp Bar protein bar for women’s nutrition; or a Pomegranate Hibiscus Tea Protein Energy Drink. Hilmar Ingredients and our parent, Hilmar Cheese Company, take seriously our responsibility to balance economic, social and environmental sustainability.

—Hilmar Ingredients,

Consistent, Complete Flavor

Enzyme Development Corporation’s (EDC) Thistlezyme, a protease from the thistle flower, Cynara cardunculus, is bringing a powerful punch to the cheese industry—all while returning to its roots in traditional cheesemaking. This protease was traditionally used in cheesemaking in ancient Spain and Portugal because it met both kosher and halal requirements. This protease now is approved for use in the USA, Canada and the EU. It gives cheesemakers and flavor houses the ability to produce unique cheese flavors. Recently, EDC’s cheesemaker developed a blue cheese formulation using Thystlezyme, which had a strong blue flavor throughout the paste of the cheese, after aging, whereas a traditional blue cheese would have that flavor primarily around the veining of the cheese.

—Enzyme Development Corporation,

Innovative Protein Drinks

FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Nutri Whey Isolate represents an exciting new proposition: a pure, clean-tasting, nutritionally balanced protein that can deliver unprecedented clarity in protein water and clear drinks applications. From a product development perspective, formulators face difficulties achieving clarity at anything other than very low pH levels and an acceptable taste profile. The proprietary Nutri Whey Isolate production process yields an exceptionally clean protein that maintains clarity even at higher pH levels—stretching the potential application spectrum for isolates into unchartered territory. In addition, whilst the functional properties of some rival isolates are impaired by heat treatments such as multiple pasteurization steps, FrieslandCampina applies minimal heat load, protecting the nutritional integrity and sensory quality of the isolate.

—FrieslandCampina Ingredients North America, Inc.,

Award Winners

Idaho Milk Products was awarded first and second place awards at the 20th US Championship Cheese Contest held in early March in Green Bay, Wis. The first place, “Best of Class” award went to Idaho Milk Products’ Milk Protein Isolate. Taking second place honors was Idaho Milk Products’ Milk Protein Concentrate. Products were judged on technical merits, with deductions for flavor and mouthfeel. “Our purpose is to bring maximum value to the milk we are entrusted with,” said Daragh Maccabee, CEO of Idaho Milk Products. “This award is recognition for the passion, the commitment, the scientific expertise that our team delivers every day, thank you to all the team at Idaho Milk Products for making this happen.” Idaho Milk Products is a privately held, vertically integrated international milk processing leader, supplying milk protein concentrate (MPC), milk permeate, and cream derivatives to customers around the globe. Owned by local Idaho dairy farmers, Idaho Milk Products has a dedicated milk supply and delivers, quality dairy ingredients.

—Idaho Milk Products,

Milk Powders

Valley Milk LLC’s mission is to be a world-class dairy ingredient processor and marketer of premium milk powders with emphasis on quality, food safety, and profitability. Five multi-generational Central Valley California dairy families, nutritionists and veterinarians formed Valley Milk. We have completed construction on a state-of-the-art milk powder processing facility in Turlock, Calif. Our facility is supplied by 16 dairy farms, which form full vertical integration from farm to powder. Valley Milk completed construction of a state-of-the art drying facility that began commercial operation in February 2018. For NFDM and SMP, Valley Milk will process 2.5 million pounds of milk per day. We have the capability to manufacture non-fat dry milk, SMP, and WMP. Our processing capabilities enable us to manufacture standard, agglomerated, and instantized ingredients.

—Valley Milk LLC,


Chartered as America’s first national dairy supplier, Darifair Foods has been on the cutting edge in the dairy industry for more than 25 years. Going beyond dairy commodities, we provide restaurants, wholesalers and industry processors creative culinary products and breakthrough dairy solutions. Family owned and operated, our company has grown nationally as a result of our strong relationships with our customers. Our experienced professionals will partner with you to deliver the highest-quality products to meet your individual needs. Our unique solutions, service and cost savings are proof of our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Learn more about Darifair’s liquid cream alternatives; sauces spreads and toppers; and specialty blends.

—Darifair Foods Inc.,

Organic Options

As the demand for organic continues to grow, First Choice Ingredients (FCI) can help you stay ahead of the curve with our growing list of rBST Free, Non-GMO Project Verifiable, organic certified cheese & dairy concentrates—available in paste and powder forms. These cheese and dairy concentrates are made with high-quality raw materials and are derived naturally through fermentation. They offer great value in terms of flavor and profitability. Organic certified ingredients are typically 2.5 times more expensive than traditional, non-organic ones. FCI organic concentrates are five to 10 times more concentrated than standard commodity cheese and dairy ingredients, which helps companies maximize formulation costs and margins, without sacrificing flavor impact. The growing popularity of Mediterranean-inspired cuisine has sparked a demand for “white cheeses” that lend fresh, creamy and milky characteristics to plated meals and packaged goods in the US If you want to take your formulation to the next level, and appeal to consumers who seek natural, ultra clean labels, consider our Organic Cheese Concentrates.

— First Choice Ingredients,

Say Cheese! 

Butter Buds added a new variety to its line of Cheese Buds concentrated cheese flavors. New “Cheese Buds-American” cheese concentrate provides the creamy mouthfeel and cheesy, milky flavor of a pasteurized processed American cheese. When used at a relatively low level, from 0.25% – 2.0%, Cheese Buds-American offers mild processed cheese middle notes with buttery and milky base notes. Similar to our other Cheese Buds concentrated flavors, Cheese Buds-American also provides flavor masking and flavor enhancement benefits, improves mouthfeel and rounds out harsh notes. Cheese Buds-American is low in fat and cholesterol and provides a rich cheesy flavor while improving the nutritional profile of a variety of applications. Cheese Buds-American is kosher and halal certified.

—Butter Buds Inc.,

Cream Cheese

Franklin Foods is the fastest growing cream cheese producer in the world and continues on its mission to “Re-Invent Cream Cheese” for today’s consumers. The company’s Baking Cheeze Blend is a delicious, one-to-one alternative to dairy-based cream cheese. This product is made with a combination of real cream cheese, and responsibly sourced and certified non-hydrogenated palm oil. The resulting product is ideal in a wide variety of applications. Ideal in cheesecakes, frostings, pastries, sauces, and appetizers. Available in 3lb bars and 30lb bulk. As a full-line manufacturer Franklin Foods can produce and package products in the following sizes: 1oz portions, 3lb loaves, 5lb tubs, and 30lb bulk. Products consist of Cultured Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese, Original Single Gum Cream Cheese, Mascarpone, Direct Set Cream Cheese, Bakers Cheese, Baking Cheeze Blend (Plant-Infused), Reduced Fat, Neufchâtel, Flavored, Greek Cream Cheese, and more.

— Franklin Foods,


Innovative Ingredients

DairiConcepts works on the innovative side of the food ingredient industry. We’re a dairy ingredient supplier and manufacturer that creates products and solutions that solve food brands’ most pertinent issues in a variety of different categories. Our dairy ingredient offerings include cheese and dairy powders, concentrated pastes, topical snack seasoning blends, and hard Italian cheeses.  We operate 10 facilities in the United States, including eight manufacturing plants and two food laboratories. We serve major food brands, foodservice providers, restaurants and private label food companies. We’re also an international company serving North America, South America, Europe and Asia. DairiConcepts is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dairy Farmers of America, a national dairy co-op of 14,000 members.