Global flavor and fragrances supplier MANE, Le Bar-sur-Loup, France, used the recent IFFA convention in Frankfurt, Germany, to address global savory food trends. Specifically, MANE showcased its ingredients to deliver unique flavor sensations and authentic tastes.

MANE’s booth even featured a real chili field and visitors learned about MANE’s approach to better raw material control through vertical integration. Attendees learned how raw materials can be improved when turned into different types of flavoring products. Visitors also were treated to a full spice-based products experience at an interactive tasting counter.

MANE’S booth also featured three live cooking stations—showcasing tapas, street foods and ready meals—where chefs created authentic international cuisines and shared tips on how to achieve “natural” profiles and enjoyable sensory experiences. Additionally, visitors could familiarize themselves with MANE’s latest launches in the savory category, including the company’s new marinades and concentrated vegetable juices. 

TAPAS: To address the booming trend for snacking, MANE presented a wide variety of hearty tapas prototypes. These demonstrate the company’s expertise with high-performance seasonings, marinades and functional blends. Expert chefs demonstrated how the company’s ingredients can help (1) solve various production challenges, (2) enhance the taste and visual appeal of final products and (3) contribute an exciting diversity of flavor profiles.

STREET FOODS: Addressing global demand for ethnic tastes, MANE chefs came up with a line of street food style appetizers. Show visitors were able to taste specialties from all corners of the world—including Ethiopian, Turkish and Indian treats. Additionally, they were able to learn more about the diversity of the natural flavors and extracts in the MANE PURE CAPTURE™ line. 

READY MEALS: MANE also is setting standards in the convenience ready meals segment. At IFFA, the company’s ready meal demonstration explored the homemade trend. MANE chefs cooked up real culinary authenticity thanks to the innovative new range of MANE stocks, which are 100% natural and based on the traditional recipes of homemade broths.

In order to better meet consumer requirements for sustainability, natural products and authentic taste sensations, the taste expert also unveiled its new concentrated vegetable juices. These can be used to prepare traditional as well as novel dishes that combine genuine homemade sensations with high-quality ingredients from traceable sources.

With its interactive stand concept, MANE presented its market insights and technological expertise for meat applications and their meat-free alternatives. 

“IFFA 2019 was as an excellent platform for dialogue with the sector’s professionals and for discussing new product ideas with our customers,” said Peter Steiner, MANE’s Sales & Category Director-Meat EMEA. “Visitors showed exceptional interest in our product concepts and practical solutions for their businesses, and we are delighted by their positive feedback and high level of interest in our savory product range.”

About MANE

Present in over 60 countries around the world, MANE is one of the leaders in the flavor and fragrance industry, owned and run by the Mane family since 1871. Its steady growth and company reputation are based on technological innovation, particularly in natural extraction, encapsulation and aromatic solutions for complex formulations. 

The Meat Centers of Excellence from MANE provide tailored functional and flavor solutions for meat businesses throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.