Greenleaf Foods, SPC, owner of Field Roast Grain Meat Co™ (“Field Roast”), a maker of artisan plant-based meats and cheeses and a pioneer in the plant-based industry since 1997, announced a partnership with Seattle-based Elysian Brewing Company. Their long-standing connection in Seattle has led to the creation of the Field Roast Bratwurst, made with Elysian beer.
Increasing consumer demand for plant-based products led Field Roast and Elysian Brewing to answer requests for more choice with a bratwurst that is made with few and fresh simple ingredients. These include fresh ground garlic, caramelized onions, caraway seeds, and Elysian beer, to pay homage to the origin of the bratwurst. This product has all-natural colors and flavors, no preservatives, and no GMOs.
This flavorful beer-infused Bratwurst will appeal to all with its distinctive beer taste and flavors. It is a great addition to an existing Field Roast artisan-inspired line that connects culinary tradition with its plant-based origins.
The Field Roast brand offers plant-based meat and cheese that pay homage to regionally-beloved spices and ingredients, incorporating big, bold flavors that create a complex, layered taste experience. The brand makes it its mission to use only the finest quality, all-natural, whole food ingredients such as grains, fresh-cut vegetables, herbs and legumes. All Field Roast® products are vegan and do not contain any animal ingredients.
Three-time Large Brewpub of the Year winner at the Great American Beer Festival, Elysian Brewing Company opened its doors in 1996 when bold art and music defined Seattle. They carry this same spirit in the way they brew their beer—shaking up classic styles, using unusual ingredients, and learning from experimentation.
You can find the Elysian beer-infused Field Roast Bratwurst at Meijer stores in the Midwest and PCC Community Markets in Washington State. Availability at more retailers coming soon.