TIC Gums introduced new ingredient solutions for texture enhancement and protein fortification at IFT 2019. The company showcased new solutions in three prototypes that tap into some of the industry’s largest trends, including plant-based eating and coffee beverages.

Ticaloid® PRO 122 RD: Mocha RTD Beverage

Ticaloid PRO 122 RD is a hydrocolloid blend uniquely created for retort processing, both rotational and static. This optimized blend withstands the harsh conditions in a retort process while contributing to stability and texture of the end beverage.

Ticaloid PRO 122 RD addresses the common formulation hurdles in the shelf stable coffee beverage category: emulsion stability, elimination of particulate sedimentation and texture optimization. With Ticaloid PRO 122 RD, formulators are able to achieve suspension, emulsification and added texture in retort coffee beverages applications.

To showcase the functionality of Ticaloid PRO 122 RD, TIC Gums developed a mocha RTD beverage that was be available for sample at IFT. This coffee drink demonstrates the functionality of Ticaloid PRO 122 RD in a retort beverage and delivers an enjoyable drinking experience. 

Simplistica™ YG 3206 Ingredient System: Plant-Based Apple and Sweet Corn Yogurt Dip

Simplistica YG 3206 ingredient system leverages faba bean protein and an optimized blend of stabilizers to enhance texture, mouthfeel and protein fortification in plant-based yogurt formulations.

To showcase the functionality of Simplistica YG 3206 ingredient system in yogurt analog formulations, TIC Gums developed a plant-based apple and sweet corn yogurt dip that was available for sample at IFT. This cashew-based yogurt dip delivers three grams of protein and addresses common challenges when working with vegan formulations, from maintaining protein levels in line with dairy counterparts to protecting texture and taste. 

Simplistica BV 1325 Ingredient System: Plant-Based Banana Bread Protein Beverage

Simplistica BV 1325 ingredient system utilizes plant proteins and hydrocolloids in the ideal ratio to provide protein fortification, enhanced texture and stability and an optimal drinking experience in RTD beverages.

To showcase the functionality of Simplistica BV 1325 ingredient system in protein beverage applications, TIC Gums developed a plant-based banana bread RTD beverage prototype which was available at IFT. This protein beverage delivers 19 grams of protein while maintaining such label claims as vegan and gluten free. Simplistica BV 1325 ingredient system from TIC Gums allows formulators to deliver a great tasting, nutritional beverage that is label friendly.

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